- Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Ticketless Trip

We had it all planned out. First journey to KLPAC, get tickets, try some nice food in Jalan Ipoh (perhaps Kepong if there was time), watch Air-Con (a very famous play), and back home. We knew the play was going to be good, famous; but little did we think that tickets would be out of sales so early.

We drove all the way to KLPAC only to find ourselves ticketless. That's sad. Determining to get the best out of this trip, we went on photographing spree. I'll just let the pictures talk from now. =)


Phoebs said...

I like the duckies!!....

Amy Lauren said...

I love the photography! I was wondering, do you enhance your photos somehow or did they just turn out that nice originally? :)

I can never get good photography, but your camera is probably just so much better than mine!

ah^kam_koko' said...

Jon is more vain than Paris Hilton!
He must have used some make up on those photos!

Jon Chu said...

quack quack quack

[amy lauren]
haha. I think whatever camera you use, the color will still not be as good as once it is edited. Yes, I edited them a litle. =)

ooi! no la. no make up at all. =P
it's cuz the pics have been slightly edited. But where got use make up. No la. Don't have. I look normal.=P