- Saturday, May 09, 2009


Somebody once commented that I am a kiasu, afraid of losing. That I always want to be the one having the highest marks in class, so much so that I am unwilling to share my assignments with others. I suppose that statement "Jon is a kiasu" is somewhat correct, depending on what perspective it is.

I am kiasu when I know I can do something but I don't do it. I don't want to waste my time doing something without trying my best. What's the point of doing something half-heartedly? What does one get in return? I am afraid of losing myself to the whatever attitude when it comes to work. Hence, kiasu.

I am kiasu when it comes to friendship. Sometimes I may put myself first (who doesn't?), but when I care, I make sure I go all out unless I know that further caring will actually damage the relationship or cause me to think of the person negatively. Then, I'll refrain. Hence, kiasu.

I am kiasu when it comes to assignment-sharing. I do not believe in sharing assignments. I believe that if one tries hard enough, one will actually be able to do a decent job. Hence, kiasu.

A word used in different context can have a whole lot of different meanings.

You say I am kiasu? You bet I am.


ah^kam_koko' said...

Ppl only call you names because they were hurt.
Coz you wont share your brilliance & hard work with them.

It's your work la.
You won't share because you worked your ass off for it.
Anyone who has worked his ass off would understand.
How can they expect you to allow them to get similar results from just adapting your work?

But then again, sharing is caring...
Perhaps you can give them a little hint?

Anonymous said...
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Crystabel said...

hey we are all kiasu in someways. but we are just too afraid to admit it. besides kiasu is what brings the best out of us. we just need to find the equilibrium of being kiasu. ;)

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with it, some people are such a glory-seeker that they juz take your hard work, make amendments here and there and say it is their very own blood-shed piece of art. The only way getting the assignment can help the person is unless he/she copy the ideas and styles.
It's not a matter of "kiasu-ness"; you cannot show simply anyone your assignment and have it use against yourself.

If they want 'help', sharing opinions is possible but definitely not assignment. Those assignment-seeker just want the easy way out, you stress and work with cold sweat and blood to achieve your result and just a question--"Hey, I was wondering if I can have a copy of your assignment to keep. Because you achieved the highest for it and I like to keep good assignments"; life is never a bed of roses! How could a person be such a low-life to stoop so low & ask the assignment from someone? Everyone is given the same amount of work load so play fair & work hard to get your own work done and appreciate your own fruits of labor.

Some people are worth our helping hand but some are not!!
We jus have to be wise and make sure we open our big brown eyes & have a look around for these kinda ppl around us. & stay away from the, like they say “ you see a lion, you run” you just don’t stay there & let the lion have a piece of your meat (assignments).
But Then again, it's an honor to have people asking for your assignment because it shows how much they YEARN and DESIRE to reach up to your standard. It’s just plain na├»ve if were to give our assignments to these ungrateful barbarians just so easily.