- Saturday, May 23, 2009

Kids Will Be Kids

I have always loved teaching. Kids, especially. The things they talk about never fail to brighten my day.

I was teaching this group of boys English when I noticed one of them, his voice had "broken". So I teased, "Somebody's becoming a man!"

He smiled shyly. But before he could say anything, his twin brother said out loud, "Teacher! He even has a strand of hair growing at his..." his twin brother paused and then said very softly, "bird."

The whole group burst into laughter and then another boy (the most mischievous and inquisitive one among them all) asked, "Teacher! Do everybody has hair down there?"

I looked at him and smiled. I recalled when I asked the same question. I raised my brow and answered, "Well.... you'll know when you grow up."

Without wasting another second, he shot another question, which made me blush (I think), "Do you have a lot of hair there, teacher?"

Both my brows were raised. Eyes bulged. Wow, I thought, this kid sure knows how to ask questions. "Well, that's for me to know. Why are you so interested?"

"It was just a question, teacher."

I shook my head and dismissed the question.

This was when I realized it was not wrong to be inquisitive. That kids should have their fair share of inquisitive moments, because if we as grown ups limit them and prohibit them from being inquisitive, they won't be able to discover much.

We were once kids. We experienced the things they are experiencing. What... Puberty, falling in love, having multiple crushes, peer pressure... all these we have had our fair share in experiencing, and also, our fair share in making mistakes.

So, if you have a younger sibling, if you know any kid, if you happen to be in contact with any kid, accept the kid for who he/she is, and not be hostile to him/her.

They can be really cute and sweet if you love them.


ah^kam_koko' said...

Sometimes curiosity killed the cat!

burnoutbrightly said...

this is hilarious!! i laughed out loud, and quite literally! kids are so precious. sigh. adorable bundles of potential. like we all once were. then we grew up. =P