- Saturday, May 09, 2009

My Love

My love,

How long has it been since we last talked? How long has it been since we last looked each other in the eye and tell each other "I love you"? How long has it been since we - or rather, I - learned how to trust in you?

Your letters have been with my all these while, but I find them burdensome to read. Those descriptive language of yours somehow also escape me. The moments when you tell me you love me, I somehow believed.

We are far from each other. Very, very far from each other. It is time we talked. Really talked.

The pressures of life are getting me... I am going astray. Astray from your love, astray from your sight, astray from the knowledge that I am loved, worth loving.

Where art thou, my love? Come back to me.


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