- Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Random Notes of Mine II

Random Note 01

I am just back from a dual birthday celebration. Up to Gotong Jaya and even upper to Genting. Drank my favorite Coffee Bean Hot Vanilla add Whipped Cream. Bliss.

Random Note 02

I managed to irritate Crystal big time. She threatened to slap me. Finally, some huge reaction from her. This is great accomplishment. Go on call me immature. I need my fun. It's been a long time since I irritated people - friends, I mean. Those I consider precious. The others, on the other hand, don't really matter.

Random Note 03

I wonder how does it feel to have everything you want - physically and materialistically. In this society, if you have a good looking face and a well toned body, people call you a hunk or a chic. If you have money, people will flock to your side. But if you neither of the aforementioned, you find things don't always go the way you want it to be.

My aunty once told me how one guy in her office got a promotion just because he flirts with his female boss. And that guy is poisonously handsome. Gorgeous.

I wonder why do looks matter. And talk about attraction. Or boy girl relationship. Most of the time a person is attracted to another... It's because of the physical appearance. We almost always judge people according to how they look, and all that crap about the inside beauty sometimes don't really exist. Sometimes it's just an excuse we put forth for ourselves so that we can console ourselves and tell ourselves that we are... special? good? I don't know. You put an adjective there if you get my drift.

Random Note 04

I am starting to feel it.

Before entering college, my friends used to complain to me how stressful it is when they're around couples. Every time they look around, they see couples. Happy. Grateful. And they come telling me that every human wants to be loved, and that every person wants to have someone to love him/her unconditionally.

My homeschooled buddies are attached. (For 2 years and I didn't know about it. =.=) My college friends are attached. Those closest to me are attached. And forgive me for rambling or complaining or being emo, and forgive me if I sound funny or whatnot, I'm starting to feel it.

Not pressured. But rather... secluded.

Random Note 05

Sometimes I feel very small. In fact, most of the times. I live under the shadows of so many people who can perform better than me anytime. I can start naming names, but I guess it's safe to say almost everybody intimidates me.

You college people can start teasing me once you read this. I'm fine with that anyway.

I suppose this would require another post. In the future.

Random Note 06

I am dead tired now. But my stomach is rumbling and my hair is wet. I'm so lazy to cook for myself. I don't want to sweat. The weather is hot.

Random Note 07

I have a feeling that I am rambling. A lot. Now. Here. But give me some space will you? Boys like me need space to slowly grow up.

Random Note 08

I want to go on a holiday. I want to see the world. I want to snap pictures although Hajok, Paul, Dixon and Crystal do a far better job than me. I feel inferior.

But seriously. I really want to go around. I want the money to enjoy holidays. I want to go to Paris, Rome, Indonesia, Germany... Wherever.

I need a traveling partner/friend.

Random Note 09

I miss playing Final Fantasy. I wanna play Final Fantasy VII. I haven't had the chance to play it. My first Final Fantasy game was Final Fantasy IX. And I love that game so much until I can remember some of the smallest details of the game. Oh, I played it more than 4 times.

I haven't touched my PS II in a long time. Although I've completed Final Fantasy X, XII and X-2 for more than 2 times at least, I suppose no harm finishing other RPG games.

I wanna play PS III.

Random Note 10

Can't wait for Kuching trip.

Random Note 11

I wish there was 72 hours. So I can do my intern, sleep, do up Hailer stuffs, finish assignments, catch up on all my series and movies...

Random Note 12

I miss playing the piano. I miss the violin. I miss orchestra. I miss plays and productions. I miss having deep conversations. I miss opening up. I miss being vulnerable to someone trustable.

Maybe beacuse all those whom I was close to now have better things to do, i.e. spending time with spouse or assignments.

I need to get new friends, or maybe, I just need to get a life.

This random post is written in a very tired mode. You can disregard the notes above.

Log off.


ah^kam_koko' said...

Coffee Bean sucks.

Kaun said...

on #4, i understand that feeling. =) nevermind. take your time! singleness is a blessing. or else how can be so close to certain girls hmm? =D