- Friday, May 08, 2009

Random Notes of Mine

Random Note #01

I am a bit fidgety now. I don't know why. I can't sit still. I need to eat. Something sweet. Something salty. Lemon chicken. Some ice cream. Spaghetti. Whatever.

Random Note #02

I just finished my sixth Journal for Film Appreciation. Watched The Prestige. Beautiful movie. I want to watch Momento, directed by Christopher Nolan, but I can't find it. Anybody has it?

Random Note #03

Just back from Melacca. Got to know my friends better. Got to see some of their weaknesses too. And funny how I silently asked God why is He so hilarious and loving, so much so that he can love people like us who are poor and full of weaknesses.

Random Note #04

Life is pretty hectic now. I have been trying to do my Journalism assignment. I have read the assignment brief and the speech transcript I am supposed to condense for more than three times, but I still stared into my blank Microsoft Word. I so wish words would come to me and enable me to write. At the beginning of this week, I was very frustrated and down with how many assignments I had to do. And now, with my Film Appreciation assignments done, I can focus on the gigantic ones - Media Law, Journalism and Photojournalism.

Random Note #05

I love fast rides. Took this picture while on the way to Melacca. =)

Random #06

Crystal owns a rundown house in Melacca.

Random #07

She even has a shop named after her name. You didn't know right? And her customers are aunties. =P Quite diversified right, her business? Like her dessertsfirst are attracting sweet/sugar/cupcake lovers like me. Her crystal shops are attracting old(er) women. Maybe they wanna learn how to crystalize people. XD

Random #08

Lately since photography class, I have an obsession with the sky. I love the blue sky, the clouds... they're so beautiful. Even more beautiful when the weather is hot!

The sky like this looks so beautiful:

Random #09

LOL. Yen was supposed to be the subject of Dixon's gothic picture. So while she was waiting for him, she had to "fan" her feet with her white skirt. LOL

Random #10

The cemetery and the old trees:

Random #11

My favorite shot of the day. Damn proud of it. Dunno why. XD

The reason why we came to this cemetery to take Dixon's cemetery shot of Yen as the ghost with black shirt and white skirt is because I suggested this place!!! LOL


Jeannette said...

Memento? I have it. =)

Jon Chu said...

Really? I want!
Can I have it? =)

Jeannette said...

can, bring your USB next meeting.

Jon Chu said...

I don't have USB leh!!! T.T
Sad right?!

Jeannette said...

aiya!! i'll put it on my USB then. and just transfer it to your laptop. good also. then i don't have to bring my laptop..hehe.

Dixon a.k.a Takumi said...

eh... the overview of the cem is very nice!! Love the sky... :P But some pictures are to high in contrast, some too blue lah :P Sorry... Just advice

Jon Chu said...

Eh! No worries!
Thanks for the advice! =)
I'll work on them. =)