- Tuesday, May 26, 2009

To A Special Someone

Dear you,

Happy birthday. 

I have once heard that brothers aren't like friends, and friends aren't like brothers. While you can tell your friends everything -- the good and the bad, you can never come close to tell your brother anything. I suppose up til now, we could prove that theory wrong. 

You might have noticed that I do not call anybody or everybody brother. Perhaps the closest I call anybody would be dude or friend. I've seldom, almost never, (for I once did) call others 'bro' or 'sis', but I realized how much those words meant to me. 

I realized how much 'love' meant to me. I realized how much 'care' meant to me. 

Call me an idealist, it doesn't matter, for my ideals only affect me and the way I view the world and those who make my world. While some beautify my world with their sarcasm or their classic "whatever's", you add to my life a different note. One that I am very proud of. 

Today, my randomness got the better of me, and here I am, typing this blog post while I am supposed to sleep so that I'd have enough energy for the day -- Journalism class, Film Appreciation class, Media Law assignment... 

But whatever la

I pray that your birthday, this day will be a new beginning for all your yesterdays, because though to a certain extent they matter, they don't really matter. What matters is what you make of the present and tomorrow. 

Cease whatever that comes before you. Whatever projects, whatever opportunities -- they will be building blocks to your future. Do not judge too quickly, for you might be surprised that wrong judgments come in different sizes and shapes. 

Another year demands more maturity. I do not deny that. But it requires more a sense of responsibility. Be responsible to whom you love and care, to whom you call family. Love and you will be loved. 

Last but not least, exercise that theory of yours -- positive mental attitude works; for lately you seemed to be too busy with your work and studies, so much so that you forget how powerful the mindset and perception are. 

May your birthday be filled with joys and more joys to come. 

Happy birthday. 

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p/s: I was seriously when I said I would miscall you H+A+P+P+Y+B+I+R+T+H+D+A+Y times if you fell asleep. 

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