- Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Animes are Emofying?

I think I'm weird. I really do. 

Romantic movies don't (really) move me; they make me laugh instead. Sad movies (many of them) don't make me go emo (let's not count the Curious Case of Benjamin Button), but animes and mangas make me go emo many times. 

I have been catching up on my Naruto manga, and how many times I have read it or watched the anime and started spiraling down into the realm of emoness. That ain't good. I suppose it's because of the many themes in these simple stories that I can identify with so much. 

Full Metal Alchemist never fails to draw me in to the story and the love between the brothers (main characters) of the story; the bond between Naruto and Sasuke, Naruto and the others never fail to move me and remind me that it is possible to love friends; Kurosagi Ichigo in Bleach never fails to remind me that sometimes giving is better than receiving, and one shouldn't always look for self gains but instead learn how to give. 

I realize I have so much more to learn in this world. Just in socializing, I have so much to learn and so much to give. It's not easy, especially when you do or say things out of good intent and people take it wrongly, saying you are being sarcastic or hurtful with intention. But I suppose this is how life should be; we learn to give despite knowing that there is great risk of being hurt, we learn to love despite knowing there will be scars along the way, we learn to befriend despite knowing that many times the closest to us will be the first to betray us... 

Lessons are like gold along the road. If we choose to pick them up, we gain them, we learn them. If we choose to discard or ignore them, they will never be ours. 

My dad has told me that lessons will be learned the hard way or the easy way. Those who choose to learn lessons the hard way will end up having more regrets or scars because they chose not to heed others' warnings or advices. But I suppose that is how many of us live our lives; we want to and choose to learn things the hard way, because it is easier in the early stage any way. We prefer to not see ahead and anticipate the consequences awaiting us, because such an attitude allows us more time to have fun and live the kind of life we want to live. How convenient. 

Yet, if we chose to heed others' advices and warnings, we could have saved ourselves from so much trouble. However, how many of us care to listen? It's like asking a child not to touch a hot kettle. He may choose to listen, or he may choose to experience the pain of having hot water on his skin.

As for me, what I have experienced, I try to inform those I care about them so that they might avoid. Although sometimes they choose to not heed my warnings (one even told me to let him learn things the hard way because that is who he is -- stubborn), I suppose my responsibility is done once I warn or advice them. 

Back to the anime/manga part, I'm rather updated with my Naruto series. Time to catch up with Full Metal Alchemist and Bleach. I am so far behind. 


p/s: Boon Dat is surprised I read manga/watch anime. =.=""" 

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