- Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Fist To Heaven

I am angry. Very angry. You have no idea how angry I am. The people I have lost, the love that have escaped my fingers, the moments that had fled past me without me noticing their fleeting movements... 

I am angry. 

I wonder why is this world the way it is; so much hatred, so much revenges, so much distractions, so much pressure. I wonder why this world tells people to be who they are not, and why so many give in to the messages the world hums. 

I am angry. 

Why do people say this generation is a generation of rebellion and promiscuity? Are we just limited to such behaviors? No. We have people who are driven, people who have determination to make it in life, people who see a point in loving, people who see a reason in giving. We have people who trust, who believe, who have faith in whatever they believe in. Why do we focus on only the bad? Why are our views so narrow? 

I am angry. 

Why do people stereotype and make presumptions so easily? Why do people judge before fitting themselves in others' shoes? Why do people choose to criticize before understanding? Why do people seek to first please themselves? 

I am angry. 

The many questions I have about the life and the cruelty it brings; they might never be answered. We hear so much about making changes, but have we begun changing ourselves? We always ask people to change to fit us, so that our lives may be easier, but why can't we change to fit others? Why do we look for convenience? Is there convenience in friendship and love? Is there convenience in humanity? 

I am angry. 

I raise my fist to heaven as a protest because I believe if we want something, we should strive to get it. If we want to see change, we should first change ourselves. 

It's a choice to see, to believe, to change. It's a challenge to move before asking people to do the same. Where do you stand? 


Lilly Anne said...

I guess it's just how humanity works.
You know, you could write a book.

ah^kam_koko' said...

Many of God's people have shaken their fists at God in anger...
But God always answers their concerns...
Your answers will come soon, bro!

James Low said...
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