- Monday, June 22, 2009


I have six more assignments to go. I just (almost) completed my last journal of Film Appreciation and right now, I am very unsatisfied the way my assignments are going. 

I'm either stuck or lost for words. Definitely not a good position to be in. 

I am tired. I have been forgetting things so quickly and easily these days. I look at my management diary and see the piles of things to do and meetings to attend. Gosh, I am so looking forward to a vacation where at least I can pamper myself even when nobody else will. 


I am supposed to be looking forward to finishing my assignments, but I guess no sane human will do so. I am wishing the day of viewing Ice Age 3 and Transformers come by quicker. I am wishing the day I officially leave college. I am wishing the day I get my last results slip and see that "High Distinction" word so that I can show it to my parents and forget about college. 

I look forward to go through 2 months of torturous internship period which will start on August. It'll be a big challenge, and guess what -- yours truly is scared. Scared that he cannot perform. 

But right now, I gotta worry about assignments and the upcoming oh-so-dreadful exams. 


This semester is by far the most stressful and challenging one. I have completed more than 10 assignments. Should I be proud of myself?

Maybe I should. 

No time to be proud la! Finish assignment la!

Listening to Matt Nathanson's Come On Get Higher. Love the song. 

I am just hit by reality again. I realize that in the creative world, people don't get what you want to do. Say, in designs, people don't get it that words and white space play such important roles in a good design. They want to cramp everything inside. They don't understand what is nice and simple. 

For scripts, they don't understand what is dramatic and what is not, what is necessity and what is bullshit, what is symbolism and what is not. All they care is getting things done quick. I am so disheartened. 

Switching to another topic, I realized I prefer working alone than working with people. Because of my nature which always push people to get things done, people often mistaken me with being rude when they do not realize they do not do what is required of them. Even clicking the REPLY TO ALL button and replying is difficult, and yet they complain I am being harsh. 

People never fail to amaze me. 


I think I should re-adopt the I-don't-really-care-about-you-and-your-bullshit attitude. 

But yet again, wouldn't that jeopardize many good friendships I have built thus far? 

Why is my blog swarming with weird people these days? 

I long for Durian. 

This coming week is going to be an uber awesome (NOT) crazy week. 

Tuesday - Assignment due
Wednesday - Presentation
Thursday - A 1200-word assignment due
Friday - A 2000-word assignment due

Our Father in Heaven, hallowed by thy name... 

I realize I have not really talked with anybody lately and I kinda miss that. Those deep heart-to-heart conversations I used to have with a few selected people... Ah, I miss those conversations so much now. 

I got an SMS from my internship place asking me to review a play yesterday, but it was Father's Day! I had plans and I couldn't go. Ah, I miss KLPAC. 

Ignore the bad English -- I never had perfect English anyway. 



Suit Lin said...

I think one of the reason I shun the creative world now is because I am not sure what I value and what I have to put forward is what is needed.

I don't get the industry, I don't get life, I also don't get why I can't just move along with everyone else, or is everyone else as stuck as I am.

Yes I am still as intolerable with the people that amaze you (heh)

This fear about under-performing for your internship should be able to push you through.

Wanna catch the {those} movie(s) together? We can get our durian fix also MUAHAHA.

haha and I think this comment is as fragmented as your post. XD

Joshua Anthony said...

i feeel u. not all of it. i feel like i am at the other end that 'amazes' u. hahah. =)

chill lah. wait for end of exam and have a movie marathon.

yenshing said...

i'm one of the weird one ><