- Monday, June 29, 2009


Dear you,

I received your letter. Your typed letter. I read through. Once, twice, and again. These words were the words I've been waiting to hear -- not read -- for very long. I wanted to know you care, I wanted to know if my messages meant a thing, I wanted to know if I was somebody to you.

Today I got my answer.

Dear you,

I received your text today. Your short text. You have said the same things over and over again, so much so that whenever you said you cared, I could never believe.

Sometimes I will not hear from you for days. But when you do show up, you tell me you have been thinking of me. But how do you think of a person and not want to be with the person when the person is right beside you?

Dear you,

Am I still somebody to you? I want to know.
Am I still worth something to you? I want what's true.

Your answer have once broken my heart. I suppose I am permitting another breakage. Maybe what I feel doesn't matter anymore. Maybe who I am doesn't matter anymore. Maybe reality doesn't matter anymore.

Maybe what matters is knowing I have let go something, because by doing so, someone else is happy.

Dear you,

I once believe in love. But I don't know if I still do. Let time mend my heart, for my faith is faltering now.

I long to hold your hands and draw you into my embrace. I long to know and be loved. But just like they say, life isn't always the way you want it to be. Because the more you want something, the easier it slips through your fingers.

Dear you,

I have waited.

I have been waiting.

I will still be waiting.

But know that my dusk is coming soon, and I am unsure where the birds will fly to. Tell me quick how your dawn is like, so that I may not see the moon's tears.


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ah^kam_koko' said...

You have waited so long...
Why wait any longer?

Perhaps it is time to pick up the milk carton & take some action.
Perhaps it is time to clean up & get a new carton of milk.
Perhaps it is time to rethink your need for milk in the first place.
Perhaps it is time to continue being spread out bare & broken on the ground.