- Tuesday, June 09, 2009



HE walks along the pavement, looking sad, disheartened. HE frowns. HIS blue eyes looks across the streets. HE sees a little girl with blond hair, in pastel yellow shirt and long pink pants. SHE skips along the pavement SHE is walking at. In her hand is a little teddy bear. SHE is happy. SHE smiles and hums a melody. 

HE looks forward. HE sees an old couple walking side by side. Their wrinkled hands are wrapped around each other. HE looks down. HE looks upwards, the skies. The moon shines, but is partially covered by the clouds. 

HE walks past a lamp post. At the lamp post was a man, covered in black. The man catches his arm. HE is caught by surprise. 

The man raises his fist. The lamp post casts light onto his face, showing the man's face partially. HE is in shocked and his eyes bulges with surprise. 

Kor (brother in Mandarin) --

The man punches him in the face. Hard. HE squeals and cringes in pain. HE falls to the ground. HE gets to his feet. HE looks at the man who is already far away, still walking. 

(softly, almost whispering)

A drip of water falls to the ground. 

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ah^kam_koko' said...

Coz HE needed someone to knock some sense into him.
Time for him to lift himself out of the pits & embrace the sunshine that comes every morning.