- Friday, July 31, 2009

The Chase Begins Again

Returning from Kuching marks the end of my holidays. Well, not technically, but yeah, you get the idea. At the beginning of the week, I was enthusiastic about leaving Kuala Lumpur to Kuching, Sarawak, the land of the cats – so the name suggests. Right now, I’m back. Back in KL. Back where I was born. Back where I call home.

Next week, I will be stepping into the working world while juggling my studies and my other part time jobs. I will be starting my very dreadful internship. I had heard from my predecessors and some other friends who know my boss-to-be that the place where I am interning at would be one of the most challenging place I will ever intern at. They, too, warned me that my boss would be expecting excellent performance even though I am just getting a meager internship wage. I'd be expected to do as well as the full time workers, and there is a high possibility of being bullied. But I hope it wouldn’t be that bad, would it?

Since all along, I knew that sooner or later, I would enter this world where kissing asses is part of the job, and that appearance is one of the most important thing people look for. Right now, this realization seems to be extraordinarily real to me. Even though I have not stepped into the real working world, even though I have not started my internship, hearing people from the industry talking about how stuck up the mass communication world is, I am to a certain extent tired saddened and discouraged.

In the industry, one just needs one of the two things: an incredible good appearance (both face and body) or excellent skills – both of which I do not possess. The former, need I say more; the latter, inexperience is a major deterrent.

"It's either you are handsome or hot or you're f***ing good at what you do. You gotta kiss ass like nobody's business, and guess what – somebody so straightforward like you might not be able to survive in this industry." I was warned.

"Clubbing will be part of your job scope, your boss need not say. It's your clients that matter most, and your boss for shit's sake won’t give a damn about how you keep the customers. As long as your clients are still your clients, then you're fine. After all, that's what that matters.

"Sex will be a big part too. Young girls, older women – you gotta know how to please them so that you can keep their client account. Oh, don't be surprised if you'd ever meet a guy who likes men. You get what I mean." I was warned again.

"But I suppose since you do not have the looks (ouch), you've gotta make sure you attain the necessary skills as quickly as possible. No one's gonna wait for you, kid. No one." I can see that.

After these warnings, I suppose it practically informs you how 'dangerous' this media world will be. But whatever it be, I hope I can survive in this very challenging industry that is full of temptations.

Wish me luck!


Crystal said...

*Wishes Jon all the luck he can get*

When we are faced with the impossible - that's when we can choose to allow something (or Someone) bigger than us to shine through our limitations. Doesn't matter if we're not The Best or good-looking. All these things are superficial.

At the end of the day, no matter how corrupted an environment we may be in - if we want to achieve real, lasting, genuine success - not one that is grabbed for or faked, that requires you to step on other people to get - it's our values and convictions that will drive us to get there.

Which I strongly believe you have.=) You're going to get there, Jon. But you don't need me to tell you that. It's your own drive and actions and convictions that will get you there. This is just a little encouragement. =)

Andrea Kong said...

This is the world isn't it? Promiscuity, backstabbing, facades and corruption.

But we all know that the just and the one who does right will be redeemed.

You have a Father whose looking over you, wherever you go, whatever you do. He will watch over you.

So just do what you believe in. Show them what you got to make it in the industry and you will go very far. Just don't let the world eat you up.

I think it's gonna be a wild and interesting ride =D

ah^kam_koko' said...

You're problems should not be too difficult for you.

Firstly, you dont have to have natural beauty to look good.
It takes fine grooming & extra confidence.
You will have to be more confident than you feel.
Discipline will help you with this.

Secondly, hard work always trumps talent.
People who work hard can be as good as the talented by learning & practising what the talented do.

Thirdly, in all you ethical, moral & personal struggles...
You know what is right & what is wrong.
Dont ever let that be muddled by years of compromise even when you have to compromise.

You can do it, Jon!