- Sunday, July 19, 2009

In times of unmotivation

I seriously need to start studying. I have a paper tomorrow and all I've prepared and read is one chapter of my notes! I suppose the senior syndrome is creeping in -- the totally chilled feeling whereby you don't really have the motivation to study.

So, I had a fairly simple but happy day. I had durians. Gorgeous fruits. Now, I may sound derogatory (which I did not intend to), but seriously, I think those who dislike durians are sad. And those who adore durians but that would mean that having allergies are also sad.

But I suppose loving durians is an acquired taste. =)

For pictures of the durians, check out Crystal's new blog: BURN OUT BRIGHT

Since I was quite bored, I decided to stumble through the net again. Check out some stuffs that I found! =) Just click on the pictures, they'll lead you to the websites. =)

So how're you feeling now? Wild Mood Swings has a remedy for whatever you are feeling. And when I say whatever, I mean anything besides horny-ness. So yes, if you're feeling fat, sad, confused... whatever, there's something there for you!

This website might interest people who like health. And the only person I know who likes topics about health is... Crystal. Yeah. She's the only one I know.. Hmmmm. So yeah, if you're into health stuff, go check out this website. I hope it'll help. =)

This is for Hajok. Just click start and type anything. I'll not describe further. But I think it'll be a major turn on for Hajok, our mighty President.

Last but not least, my favorite stumbled webbie of the day -- Word Shoot! Awesome game! It's something like a typing game, but this one with guns and space ships. It's not a game with super awesome graphic, it's just a simple java game. But still, I like typing games! =)

So, if you have the time. Go play this shooting game. I kinda played it for more than 10 times (when I'm supposed to be stardee-ing! Apa ni!?!)

Okay, I neeeeed to restrain myself. I need to study now. You people! ROCK ON YEAH? I got 2 more papers and off -- I'll be heading to holidaaaaaying! =)

Can't wait.


Lawrence said...

I thought I was suppose to be the one who is un-motivated. Didn't expect you to be that too.. lolz

Crystal said...

OMG JON WHAT THE HECK??! im supposed to be studying for my j2 paper at 2. and im surfing YOUR random websites. distracting gila. hahaha

and THANKS for advertising my new blog!!! :D

Crystal said...

omg the secretary thing.. what the heck?!?!? roflmao...

ah^kam_koko' said...

Maybe you need someone to chase you around with a rotan!

Jon Chu said...

erm. I can be unmotivated too what! =)

HAHAHAHA! i'm so honored for you to come to my blog when you're supposed to be studying for J2! =P

erm. hehe. no thank you. =P