- Friday, July 31, 2009

Meows at Kuching

The sound of the airplane roared. The view of the windows blurred, forming light trails. I held my breath. With a push, the airplane soared into the sky. My stay at the Kuching, the cat city, or so I called has ended.

So quickly. I had to tell myself. It wasn't just any trip. It was my first time on an airplane. It was my first time meeting so many people. It was my first time going to somewhere I was very unfamiliar with. That was how my first times ended.

Met Shua's entire family. His cousin, Jason, was awesome. He brought me to several places, paid for my food, and had this rare sense of humor. Some of his catch phrases may even end up in Life College, after all, in Life College, one’s catch phrases always end up becoming everyone else's catch phrases.

I have to admit that initially, before coming to Kuching, I had in mind that I was going to spend a lot of time with Paul, Shua and Hajok (who couldn’t make it to this trip at the very last minute); but things turned out differently. Paul met with so many of his childhood friends and he seemed to be one of the coolest person in Kuching town – as always.

Shua had to spend time with his family, so there were moments when I was kinda stuck alone. But that was alright, I suppose.

The food made this trip worth remembering. The Sarawak laksa, the vegetable (what name was it again, Shua?), the Kolo mee… there were some more, but I just couldn't remember. Oh, and there was Damai, the very beautiful beach too! It was one of the most beautiful beach I have ever seen. The sand was white, the water was clear, the breeze was fresh; unlike the ones at Port Dickson.

Baby mom was worried for me. She had to call me a few times throughout this trip, but I suppose that would be how I'd feel if ever I become a dad and my baby son or daughter decides to go somewhere far for a simple trip. I remember the first day itself when I was in Kuching, she called and with a loud voice, she said, "Where are you now? In Kuching already? I miss you laaaaaaaa…" Moms are always awesome.

What was odd about this trip was that despite trying to stay away from Western food (since you can get them in KL), I ended up lingering in coffee houses like Starbucks and Coffee Bean. But, I must say, there’s this awesome coffee house called Bing! that has a different set of menu of delicious drinks. You gotta try when you go there one day. Order the Tiramisu something something (I kinda forgot the drink's name) or the hot vanilla. Sweet to the soul.

I am currently on my way back from Kuching. Right in this airplane, I can hear the air stewardess passing by and saying, "Drinks? Food? Drinks? Food?" I used to think that air stewardesses were supposed to be hot and pretty, but apparently, it weren’t so. But who cares? Being pretty and hot weren’t in their job prescription – at least the appearance wasn't that important. Some of them were polite, but some of them were just bored. I think they need a life.
But whatever it be, I'll be back to Kuching again, people. The Sarawak laksa has such a smooth taste to it, unlike the one in KL which had this roaring, spicy taste. I don't know how to explain how the food taste like; I'm not a food critique. But still, this trip was worth it.

To Mr. Colin and wife, thanks for your generosity for paying for my food and letting me stay at your home. Thanks for also letting Paul use the car; you are very kind.

The Jason, you rock man! You rock. Your stu, your jeez; they are part of your awesome big bro-ish personality. Thanks for paying my meals and driving me around to entertain me. Oh, and also, did I tell you that you have unique humor and a very mature observant approach to your surroundings?

To Aunty Margaret, you're cool man! You're cool. I suppose without your insistence, I wouldn't had the chance to visit many places in Kuching. I did visit the aquarium and crocodile place near the Kuching museum (whatever its name was), but I didn't have time to linger and gaze at those tiny cute fishes (Shua was too afraid of fishes). So yeah, thanks for everything.

To everybody whom I met in Kuching, you people rock! Now at least I know some people to visit or disturb whenever I go to Kuching.

Oh, and people in KL, I’m returning! See you guys soon! Meow!

Here are some of the pictures taken. Check them out! Click for larger view!


Crystal said...

Great post Jon! =)

Bing Cafe? Sponsored by Microsoft's new search engine is it? (Lol... Bringing back haunting memories of J2 for you... Results out soon let's keep our fingers crossed!!!)

The food. Omg. Looks so yummy. Great pictures. Did you take them?

And the pictures!!! You three guys. Posers sial. Like girls only. Jumping shots and posing shots. Gosh. Hahaha.

Anyway, glad you had an awesome time there! Hopefully I can make it as well the next time you go back. =)

Jon Chu said...

Hahaha!! thanks, crys! =D

NOOOO!!! Don't remind me of J2. Horrors. Horrors. Yes. Keeping my fingers crossed! =D

Yes! The food is awesome! Yeah. I took the pictures... hahaa. thanks for the compliments! =)

Eh. where got?? LOL. It just shows how much fun we have! Too bad you can't come. Or else we'll be having more pics of you! hahahaha!!!

Definitely. You should try to make it the next time. =)

Crystal said...


Btw... How you make the pictures all so nicely lined up like that? Don't tell me you one by one arrange?

Jon Chu said...

Yeah. Use HTML to line them up one by one. =)

pervertism101 said...

Bing! In my opinion a much nicer version of starbucks/coffeebean. But then again Kuchingites like to boast about homegrown things.

Oh man, I miss Damai... Sigh. So seems like Kuching gave you a good impression huh? Glad you liked it. I used to be so eager to come here, and never once missed Kuching for the entire course of my studies.

Then it just hit me one day as I board the plane back here this year. A deep sense of longing to justs tay put and not leave. And yet, across the sea my life beckons.

Ahh, the irony of it all.