- Wednesday, July 22, 2009

More Stumbles

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COOL right?

FUNNY right?

HAHA... and this too! Though it contains some vulgar words... but still it's funny! Start your censorship whatever if you don't like to read vulgar words. =)

    "Death is fucking scary, man. I mean seriously, it's fucking scary. Why? Because it's unknown. Faith can only take a rational man so far. I honestly wish I could just forget all logic and believe in something, but my brain won't let me. 'What if I'm worshiping the wrong God?' What really - and I mean really happens after we die? And, at least with me, there's no alternative that I see as comforting. An eternity in heaven: an eternity!? That's a long fucking time. The finish line is what makes the race worth it. Reincarnation? Who or what will I return as? Will I remember this version of myself? Will I die, reincarnate into a pizza delivery man, and sell fucking pepperoni pizzas to my grandchildren? That might be kind of fun, actually. I kind of like reincarnation."

    Taken from: Post #955967

FUNNY right?


ah^kam_koko' said...

I think I might have to drink a few bottles of beer before I'll find that funny.

Jon Chu said...

HAHAHAA! go then! go try. no harm! =P

pervertism101 said...

the last line killed me.

LOLOL damn nice one.

Jon Chu said...

Hahaha! Funny rite? LOL
It's sarcastic. I dunno if it's written by an American. LOL. Maybe I'm stereotyping. Sorry for that! Haha