- Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Movies Movies Movies

Can't wait to view all these (old and new) movies. I suppose I'll go on a movie marathon alone, if nobody is free.

What I've watched during this exam session...

with my old kakis. All intellectual and hippy people!
Gosh, I miss the times of sarcastic banters and talk about the current market
and different strategies different companies are using.
Oh, and the weird/lame moments too! =)
You guy and girls rock la!

with my President, Ha(chiu)jok, Eyvon, Shai and Adrian.
We had different views about the movie. Hajok gave the movie an 8/10.
I think I'll just give it a 6.5 (the initial rating was 5)

No doubt Johnny Depp rocked the whole movie with style and coolness!
I just didn't like the lighting and sometimes, the mise-en-scene (composition
of the scene). The lines were interesting though. And the intertextualities! =)

What I would like to watch this coming Friday. Alone or not. HAHAHA! =P


I think I'm gonna get use to watching movies alone! =)

Oh, oh! Just in case you wanna come teman me watch, tell me earlier k? So I can go buy the tickets for you! =) I'll either be at Midvalley or 1 Utama watching them. And it's this coming Friday! =)

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