- Friday, July 31, 2009

Pasts and Presents

Dear you,

You once asked if your past mattered and if your past would change my perception of you. Let me assure you again. It will not.

There's this thing about me that believes that you shouldn't be judged because of your past. After all, who doesn't have a past? I have one, the person beside you has one, and so do you. So who am I to judge?

I don't really care what has transpired, although I would like to know, because your yesterdays made who you are today; but that aside, your past doesn't matter. If you experienced shit in the past, it doesn't mean you'd be shit today, because I am sure that although one is the product of the past circumstances, one has the ability and the right to make now worth it.

So don't worry about me judging you. Don't worry about me thinking you are a terrible person or a helpless one; because I won't. I have my own sets of mistakes I regret a lot, some of which I will never tell anybody, even at my death bed.

Don't worry about what I’ll think of you. You'll still be a friend anyway, and you need not question that statement. This is because all I am concerned about is you, not your past, not your wrongs, not your mistakes. They don’t really matter.

Still a friend,

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Crystal said...

This is really sweet, Jon. =)

It's true. Although our past has played a role in determining who we are today, we have the choice to make our right now count, no matter what may have happened in the past. Every day is a new one. Every day is a change to put the past behind and move on. Every day we will still fumble and make mistakes. But every day we can choose to renew ourselves, strive harder to become more and more of the people we were meant to be.