- Friday, July 31, 2009


I have this thing for the sky. It's so fickle yet so beautiful. One minute it is covered with a blanket of dashing and brilliant blue, another minute it is covered with sad gray or depressed black. One minute it adorns itself with wisps of cotton clouds, the one it roars with striking thunder. One minute it shines with orange rays, another it flashes with lightning. So fickle yet so beautiful.

The sky promises freedom. No signboards, no speed limits, no laws. Yet, despite all these freedom, restriction exists. You can't go out of the sky and into space. You can't leave the atmosphere. Doing so will take the breath out of you, and you need not worry about a burial or decomposition.

It promises you beauty, but only if you knew how to look and where to look. Just soar. The landscapes will be breathtaking. Just hold your head up high, the clouds and the blues will just take you in, in to their very embrace where you need not worry about anybody screaming, "Move, you dumbass!" The stars will shine for you, light your way as you fly by. The wind will hum a melody so beautiful you would die to hear it again. The sun will warm your cheeks.

I suppose my obsession about the sky will never end. It is best viewed by the seaside. You can hear the whistles of the waves, you can feel the gentle caressing push of the sea when its waves rush onto you. And above all that, you know that the sky will always be there for you to gaze into, no matter where you are. And that in it is escape. Escape from all the shit you are in, escape from all the craziness life brings you, escape from all the unnecessary lemons life throws at you.

Who needs that many lemons anyway? We have tons of other fruits. If you love the sky, I'm sure you'd understand what I'm tryna say.



Crystal said...

Beautiful. I love the sky too. =)

I see the time in Kuching has been inspiring and rejuvenating for you, no? =)

Jon Chu said...

Yeah... kinda... =)
We should go. Can rejuvenate together! =D And there were a lot of hot people there! Eye candy. ahahaha!