- Monday, August 24, 2009

Bubbly Dreams

I have dreams. So much that I have somehow lost count. Sometimes I can't help but start wondering when I can finally achieve my first dream. Or one of my dreams.

Right now, they seem so far away.

But perhaps that's the reason why it is so -- I need to take a step at a time. I hope I can be like those fortunate ones out there, but sometimes life ain't the way we want it to be.

Ah! They still seem so far away.


jeannette said...

What are your dreams? None of mine have come true either. But persevere man!

By the way, I finally saw Memento. OH MY GAWD. Christopher Nolan is my new Neil Gaiman la.

Jon Chu said...

I've mentioned them many times, but I don't mind mentioning them again. This is because when it's your dream, you don't mind repeating what your dreams are. Perhaps it is the silent hope that if you mentioned it often enough, it might actually happen.

I want to write a book, direct a movie (and I mean a real big time one), manage my own magazine, perform LIVE on a piano before a huge audience...

Yes, just as you said. Persevere!

Adn oh, yes, Christopher Nolan is gooooood! Hahaha! But Memento was okay for me. =)

Chev said...

Oh, for a moment there, I thought your post was about dreams when you sleep at night and I was thinking, "Hey, me too!" But then u burst my bubble. =b

Kidding. :) But yeah, I have a few dreams of my own too.. which I have to remind myself the first step to achieving it is to finish my damn internship report.

ah^kam_koko' said...

Start with the easiest dream & work you way up the bubbles!