- Monday, August 24, 2009


There's this thing about creating. You get to dictate what happens, who dies, who goes, what notes surface, what to remain hidden... And the best part is, nobody has the right to ask you to do otherwise. You need not subject yourself to others' opinions. Just because I think it's better is not a good enough reason for them to tell you to change your creation. That's how special creating is.

I haven't been creating for quite some time. Okay, maybe just one week. I wrote a song last week, but it's still in progress. I realized that I need to write stories. I want to write, but I have no stories to tell. I have scripts to write, but I lost all my ideas, all my stories, so much so that I have nothing but dots and question marks to scribble while I stare at a blank paper in hope that ideas may come and pour forth.

I wonder if work is driving all the inspiration from me. It shouldn't be so, right? But yet again, inspiration is such a weird thing. One minute it fills you so much that it overflows and overwhelms you; the other, it abandons you, leaving you with nothing.

The best way, at least that's what I know of, to keep those ideas flowing is to open your mind to new ideas, your eyes to new sights, and not judge. Have something to say, have an opinion to speak up about, have a thought that counts for something. It is funny how people always shrug when asked about something -- say, life. They don't give much thought to things, and simply brush it off with excuses such as "It doesn't matter" or "It doesn't concern me".

But what if it does? And by thinking about it you are able to create something? An idea is something. A philosophy is something. A conversation is something.

So when are you going to start creating?

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