- Friday, August 28, 2009


I woke up with the sound of the rain hitting hard against the rooftops blasting into my ears. I thought to myself how blessed I am, especially since I love the rain so much.

There's this thing about the rain. I don't know how to simply express my thoughts about the rain in just a few words, sentences or even paragraphs. I suppose I need to write a long piece of work in order to fully express my feelings and thoughts about the rain.

I love the cold air when it rains and after the gray clouds have disappeared. This natural freshness is refreshing in so many ways. The air you breathe in seems to be cleaner (and I do believe it is cleaner), nature seems to be breathing again (if you get what I mean)... I love to sleep when it rains. I'm sure many of you do too. There is no need to switch on the fan or the air-conditioner, because the air itself is cooling. All there is to do is to just crawl into that warm, familiar, comfortable spot of the bed and if it is too cold, cover yourself with the blanket, and just close your eyes, listen to the beats of the rain, and doze off. Such bliss.

The media has also tied the rain with being sad, being emotional. I suppose the media stereotypes the rain so because it is somewhat true. I mean, you don't portray something that is not entirely true, isn't it? Forget about Fantasy and Science Fiction -- that's another discussion. But yeah, you get the drift, aye?

And I do agree with the media: The rain is emotional. Even seeing how the rain falls, that itself is emotional. There is so many stories you can tell with the element of rain. Akira Kurosawa, a film director who popularized the Rashomon effect, used it so much and was considered an expert film director and producer. His films had a lot of rains, and the rains brought so much effect -- emotional ones -- to enhance the storytelling.

I gotta get to work now. I'll tell you my thoughts on rain soon. And I hope it is really soon. =)


ah^kam_koko' said...

I love rain too!
Exp when I want to go jogging...

Crystal said...

There's nothing better than rain...

Rain in the morning, on the way to office, with my hair freshly washed.

Rain on a weekend afternoon, curled up with a warm cup of coffee and a good book.

Rain in the evening, as the traffic starts to crawl and the street lights go on.

Rain when you're hurting and something in the air brings the smell of a distant hope.

Rain when you flip the page and realize this chapter is even better than the one before.

Rain that slows into a trickle and when you look up at the sky, you see the traces of a rainbow beginning to form. =)

Ooh... Another new blog post. Ahaha... see how you inspire me Jon Chu =P