- Saturday, September 26, 2009

Of Edward, Bella, Twilight and Romance

I've never been a huge fan of romance, unlike so many girls and some boys out there. I find romance movies out there fake and unreal, sometimes to the point of disgust. The truth is, I don't find how can Mr. and Mrs. Smith be romantic, how can Hans Solo and Princess Leia be romantic,  how Zorro and his maiden can be romantic, and the list goes on.

Unlike Chevonne who wrote about how much she could identify with Twilight and Bella Swan, and how much she'd like to have a boy like Edward (if possible, that is), I find these kind of stories difficult to identify with. I would watch the movie, all just for the sake of the movie, understanding the technical aspects, and scrutinizing the script; but never for the love.

Yet, the concept of being with someone and refraining from being too involves sticks out to me. Edward was decent looking, in many people's eyes, has these supernatural abilities... I think he's somebody you'd consider perfect. But there is one thing that hinders him from Bella -- his nature. He is a vampire, and vampire can't kiss humans. So, the physical contact is very limited, especially since the basic lingo of being together is kissing these days. If you're a couple, you kiss. That's what you do. Correct me if I'm wrong.

And that's the whole point why I think their romance is somewhat romantic (note the word "somewhat"), somewhat different. Imagine being with a person you love while understanding that your presence would mean harm or even death to the person. Now, this is something more interesting than those romance that couples tell each other, "I can't live without you, babe" or, "I love you, I love you, I love you".

Not that I am applauding Twilight and the series; I was never impressed or dumbfounded at the characters or language. I am only saying that this side of romance is something new, something fresh albeit the other aspects of oh-so-boring romance I have seen.

So what do you think? Edward and Bella's romance -- a total die for? Or is it garish, total trash?


ah^kam_koko' said...

I think this Twilight series is another one of those pop culture productions like Harry Potter to cater to the teens.
Not much meaning or significance in them.

There are 2 good romances I can remember:
Movie = 'Cold Mountain'
Book = 'Far From the Madding Crowd'

From these two pieces, you can see that I like heartaches in my romance.

Jeannette Goon said...

Hmm..I don't think the romance in Twilight is very original. The delayed consummation theme is quite big I think. The reason scholars love it is because Meyer found a new angle to write about unfulfilled longing and the repressed sexuality of teenagers. There's actually a lot of meaning to both Twilight and Harry Potter. I wouldn't be so quick so snub pop culture as insignificant.

Even though I don't crave relationships or a man or whatever, I love the idea of love. Then again, I am a Romantic. And so my idea of "being together" with someone doesn't necessarily involve kissing or sex. There are other non-physical ways of communion.

Personally though, I couldn't stand Edward. I thought he was overbearing and possessive with voyeuristic tendencies. And if he wasn't so handsome, I bet he would be downright creepy. I like Bella though. Except for her undying love for Edward, she is alright.

Crystal said...

Hmmm... I don't know... for me, no touch = no love. Haha... to sum it up la. It's not that I'm some hypo-sensitive person deprived of touch at childhood and thus craves touch for the rest of my life.

Delayed gratification, I get. Suppressing your desires when you know that someday ultimately you will get to fulfill them, I get. But if I have no idea if that ever will happen, (I don't know the Twilight story but from what you wrote I assume they can never kiss?) I don't know. The idea of such a romance has never even crossed my mind.

Like I'll admit, I've 'fallen' for total strangers over the internet. But these crushes pass, and the only thing that will prolong them is a faint hope that someday I'll may meet them in person.

It's not that I think kissing or hugging or touching is like ohmygoooshhh super romantic and stars exploding and butterflies flying around. A lot of times it's not that way - like a hug with close friends or parents stroking your hair to sleep when you're a kid (it's so unfair... kids get touched so much but when you get older people just don't touch)... you don't feel anything but there's something just so organic and natural about physical contact.

I don't touch a lot of people (lol this whole post sounds so wrong) because I don't know, I think it's intimate and there are only a certain amount of people i want to share that intimacy with. And probably also our Asian culture makes it weird la. When I get a husband and kids though (IF I get kids) I'd hug and kiss them every day, every morning, every night, and at random times of the day.

That said, PDA is still a no-no for me :P

Crystal said...
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Jeannette Goon said...

Edward and Bella can touch and kiss. And they do kiss a few times, I think, in the book. It's just that Edward "loses control" whenever they do, which is typical for a lot of teenagers? And personally, I found the kissing and holding back in the book more steamy than the actual sex, which just made me laugh. A LOT.

Anonymous said...

I think its an unrealistic love in the case of bella n ed! But I would totally identify with this--> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73kZ6wBoqTk (a song about real love by Jaeson Ma)