- Sunday, September 06, 2009

Of Talent

I may not be the most patriotic person you may know. Even the idea of 1Malaysia many a times slips my understanding, especially since I see the way things are spiraling downwards. Call me shortsighted; I'd rather content with myself with the understanding that I am more of a realist than an idealist when it comes to the political and national situation.

But that aside, I have to make this huge shoutout that we do have talented musicians and singers here in Malaysia. It's just that the music industry isn't blooming as quickly and as well as the one in the United States. Why do I say so?

Check out the videos below:


Now you tell me, if there were no talented musicians here in Malaysia, would we be capable of having such music?


Crystal said...

Agreed!!! We have talent... Just that opportunities and support for them is limited. That's why so many of them go overseas and become famous or go online to promote themselves. Eg. Zee Avi; Prema Yin

Jon Chu said...

Ya. I agree. =)