- Friday, September 18, 2009


I understand how many of your thoughts are prohibited from reaching your lips. You actively stop yourself from being transparent. You censor each word you say just so that someone else's life would be better. You restrain from being honest even when it hurts you so much.

All of this, I understand.

So here I am offering you my friendship, to be - for once - honest without censoring yourself and to utter anything you want. You can click on the option "Anonymous" while commenting and just pour your heart out.

Tell me anything. Comment as many times you want. Your pain, your dreams, your regrets, your angers, your thoughts... anything. Say whatever you want to say, and for the first time, you can be transparent.


Anonymous said...

I used to admire and like you to the point of unhealthy obsession.

Thank you for not allowing me to continue to do so, but still having the patience to stick around.

A friend. =)

ah^kam_koko' said...

I need to get laid.

Anonymous said...

I need to, want to and will get laid!

Jon Chu said...

[Anonymous 1]
=) I suppose I will still be sticking around? Hahaha! Thanks for your friendship anyway, whoever you are. =)

joking la. when you get married, all the activities you need, you will be able to get it. I think that time, 24 hours won't be enough for you la. =P

[Anonymous 2]
Wa. Not bad. Good confidence. All the best! Hehe!

Jeannette Goon said...

I once dreamt of making out with a...

Oh whoops, I'm still signed in. =P

Anonymous said...

If I finish the above sentence, you'll know it's me right? Darn. So much for transparency. Heehee...I'll tell you next time I see you.

Jon Chu said...

HAHAHAA! Funny la you. =P

Anonymous said...

No matter how I tell people that love is overrated and promises of forever are nothing but bullshit,

deep down I still really want to believe that love is the one thing that makes the world go round.

(And even if it doesn't, it sure makes the ride worthwhile.)

No matter how I say that I don't need a man, that knights in shining armor are nothing but a beautiful myth, and that I've long given up on the idea of being treated like a princess (because that's only for the stunningly beautiful or adorably cute, not for girls with minds and wills of their own),

deep down I tell myself that I'd die for the first guy to make me feel like one. There would be nothing that would be too much to do for him and he would have my utmost devotion and fidelity and adoration.

-The person who doesn't have emo but "emo-tional" thoughts. Ahahhahaah

Anonymous said...

I used to pity men driven to the point of desperation that they would pay for sex because no married man should be deprived of so basic a need.

I used to think that prostitution gave men back something unfortunate circumstances, spiteful/dull wives robbed them of.

But now I realize that although the above may be true for a handful of cases, most men are assholes and they deserve the shit they get. They deserve the marriage problems they have, the baggages they carry, the STDs and nicotine addictions and bulging pot bellies they gain along the way for being so damned egoistical (and some men hide their egos by being cowards and pussies and 'gentlemen', but they always try to prove that they're right and they're better than the next guy).

Call me cynical. But I used to believe in all the men/guys I loved. I told them they could be anything they wanted. I cherished their dreams as if they were my own.

All I was rewarded by is broken promises. Faux confidence that only masked the egotism and cowardice.

Anonymous said...

Whoops pressed published before I finished.

Anyway. I was also rewarded by lies. "You changed my life. I will never forget you." only to have them chase down the next pretty target in sight. Men talk a lot of bullshit just to get in your pants.

And where did it leave me? Picking up the pieces, it seems.

Or maybe it only seems that way. Maybe I've been playing around with them. Letting them believe they played around with me. Maybe I'm the big bad wolf.

And play time's just begun.

Anonymous said...

I have a hole in my heart. It is bottomless, like a black hole. And that is why after so many years, I am still grieving. I've just gotten better at hiding it.

Anonymous said...

I hate myself for being not as good as so many who are of the same gender. I hate myself for not being attractive enough to be surrounded with friends. I feel lonely and I hate that.

I want to be like those, you know, famous people 'cuz they are cool. and there is so much to talk about with them. and me, i feel like I am just this boring stupid idiot.