- Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Dear Beethoven

Dear Ludwig van Beethoven,

You are driving me crazy.

It seems as if you are stalking me. First, you made my life miserable when I was in grade 3 for not able to master your Fur Elise, then grade 8 for struggling through your preludes for exams, and now, your oh-so-special Sonata.

Granted, you did compose some of the most beautiful songs, but why do you have to make my life so... miserable? Why on earth did you compose Sonata no. 12 in Ab Major, Opus 26? What exactly were you thinking?

Let's do a trade, shall we? You get to stalk me and scare me with those stupid scales and textures and whatnot, but you have to teach me how to play them. It's no fun seeing you get all the fun while I go insane.

So what say ye? Good to go?

Jonathan Chu


Lawrence said...

Oh yeah.. if u want a challenge, try playing Rigoletto paraphrase by franz Liszt.. That is perhaps the most challenging piece I have ever seen. The speed is amazing. Sound is nice, and I think that piece is probably higher than diploma level. (according to my friend)

P.S: I just witnessed someone playing it recently and I was like 'wow' cause I was looking at the score..

Good sample on this.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMO7mvEB_IU

Jon Chu said...

Speed isn't everything, Lawrence.

Anonymous said...
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