- Sunday, October 18, 2009

Shocked and Bewildered

Man tries to con teacher into having sex
Friday October 16, 2009
Obtained from The Star Online

A temporary teacher with a secondary school in Seremban was almost fooled into having sex with her colleague after he pretended to be an undercover special health officer researching “diseases affecting female teachers.”

The teacher - known only as Hani - claimed that the married man in his 30s had even asked for his undercover identity to be kept from his wife, who is teaching in the same school, and from the school principal.

In a report in Kosmo!, Hani, 24, said the teacher had told her that his research comprised three phases, the first of which would require her to answer questions on the size of her breasts and waist.

She would then be required to get intimate with the teacher in the second phase and finally, have sex with him under the third phase, which was also a “weight test”.

Hani alleged that she had signed an agreement as well as a confidentiality form to participate in the study after the teacher approached her in March.

The “study” then moved onto the next phase, in which Hani said she was told to go to an empty classroom.

“In the classroom, he hugged me from behind before performing other sexual acts on me,” she said, adding that she pushed the man away after suspecting something was amiss.

“The next phase was even worse when he asked me to have sex with him,” she said, claiming that during this time, the teacher was stark naked and getting ready to film the sex romp.

“Frightened, I then fled from the classroom,” said Hani.

Since that day, Hani alleged the teacher has been harrassing her through phone messages, asking her for money as “penalty” for not completing the study and claiming that she could be “sued” by the Education Ministry.

The man even claimed that the Public Services Department could take action against her and her other family members serving in the Government.

“I lodged a police report on Aug 18 after I could no longer take his harassment. I have also filed a complaint with both the Health and Education Ministries and the department,” said Hani.

Read the entire article here.

I wanted to write a real long post about this article. But I guess it wouldn't justify my time for typing word for word, especially when I have so many things to complete. I'll just say it quick and nice: If you were to ask me who was stupider, I'd tell you both the male and female teachers were equally stupid.

What is education doing to our teachers these days. I wonder. And to read something like that about teachers brings much shame to me because I teach too.


ah^kam_koko' said...

Not all teachers in the service are worthy.

Chev said...

I know teachers who give students who steal a hard time, when they themselves are thieves. Teachers are supposed to be role models, even mentors, but if they themselves are hypocrites, can we really trust anyone these days??

Jeannette Goon said...

There are stupid men and women in every profession...not just teaching la. Haha...I happen to think that teaching is quite an honourable profession. Not everyone can do it.

They always say that those who can't do, teach. I really disagree. You've really got to understand and KNOW something in order to teach it.

Jon Chu said...

True. But I think teachers should know better than to indulge in such acts.

I think nobody's worth trusting, because there are all sorts of people everywhere, and there's no saying to what length they'll do to get what they want.

I agree. In order to teach, you gotta know what you're teaching or else you'll just be making a fool out of yourself.

Anonymous said...

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