- Monday, November 23, 2009

I'm Back

Not from the dead, but yes. I'm back - after a long journey of stress, sleepless nights, nonstop working until 7 in the morning... I have successfully added a few years to my appearance and increased the depths of my eyebags.

Right now, though I have a few things to do, it still wasn't as bad as previously when I had to stay up all night worrying about so many things.

But that was yesterday. What matters is now. I am about to complete my studies in Life College, hopefully getting a distinction in my studies and never to return again. Where would I go in the future? I don't know, honestly. I am clueless as to what I would do, but one thing I know for sure - that is to celebrate my accomplishment of finishing my diploma successfully without any retaking of subjects (hopefully).

Oh, and by the way, The Hailer Issue 5 will be out soon. Yes, very soon, and if you want a copy or copies (that is, if you are in KL), tell me via email or sms, and I'll reserve them for you. We could meet up and talk and catch up, and you can enjoy my pride and baby. Okay, that sounds wrong, but you get my drift, aye?

So, please, my friends, drop me a comment about how you are doing lately! I'd like to know how everybody is doing, and yes, no worries, I'll reply.


ah^kam_koko' said...

I'll be in KL in Dec.
Want to meet up?

Jon Chu said...

Oooo.. which days? in Dec, I mean.
Sure! why not! I can pass a few copies of The Hailer to you too! =D

ah^kam_koko' said...

I'll pass you the school magazine I made too!

Will give you a call or sms when the time is closer.
I'll be in KL 18-20 Dec.

p/s: Get Crystal to come along too & see if we can get free drinks at Starbucks. hahahaha~~

Jon Chu said...

Haha, naughty boy.. Free drinks is out because she ain't working in Starbucks anymore.

And yes, I can try to ask her to come along. It'd be fun! Oh, and yes, bring your school magazine too! I'd love to look at it. =)

Anonymous said...

O.O O.O O.O!!! Life college?!?!? You are studying there?! Ohmegosh.

I nearly got enrolled there five years ago in Mass Communications but God steered me away and I end up where I am today.


Jon Chu said...

Hey Anon,

Hahaha! That's a huge response! =P

Where are you studying now? And what program are you doing now?

Oh gee. I'm really interested: Why did you not choose Life College? Hahaha..

siewkwan said...

I want a copy but cuz I wanna meet up only hahahahha

Jon Chu said...

LOL. Brutally honest.
Okay. SET. We MUST meet up. =)
Some more I didnt get to meet up with you girls last time for your official byebye. =P

Sure. I will save you a copy. =)

hjx said...

I also want :( Can save for me till I go back next time? You guys should have online pdf version lor... Haha!

Jon Chu said...

When will you be coming back? =)
Haha. I have nowhere to upload it. But anyway, I will definitely save a few copies for you. But, when will you be back? We should go Snowflake again! =D

Anonymous said...

Finally an update. I thought I had to delete your link on my blog.

Welcome back. Even if it has been like what, a few weeks?

Jon Chu said...

Hey! You moved! I thought what happened to you. Anyway, yeah. It's been weeks. Feels like months. Haha.

I've been so busy I can't stop to take a chill pill. How're you?