- Saturday, November 28, 2009

Three Things I've Lost

and will never be able to get back are:

Item Lost #01 - Part of my heart because I was too fast to love you

Item Lost #02 - Much of my confidence because of all the errors I've made

Item Lost #03 - The time spending on blaming myself for all the wrongs I've committed

It's time to move on. It's time to know that my errors are part and parcel of life - the very things that make me a stronger person. Though people may not understand the struggles I go through, or assume that they know when they don't; though people may judge and gossip about me behind my back; though people may say I am not worth it to be the editor of The Hailer, the President of Student Council 2008, and many more; I will stand strong for what I believe in.

I will choose to tell myself that life is more than people who don't matter and whose comments don't matter, more than circumstances, more than what I think it is.

Even if the simplest thing about life is spelling it, that doesn't mean that life isn't worth living to its fullest.

What are the three things you have lost and could never ever get them back?

“Every defeat, every heartbreak, every loss, contains its own seed,
its own lesson on how to improve your performance the next time.”
—Malcolm X

Are you ready to be a champion, to live the life you want and not what somebody else wants, to live a life not based on others' comments, opinions and bullshitting?


ah^kam_koko' said...

There will always be haters, bro.
Our job is to prove them wrong.

Boon Dat said...

HEH! And you DARE tell me you're NOT emo. xD

Aiyah, dun say that you're not worth it to be the editor and president. How many people can take all these jobs, continue with outsides activities, AND still get Straight A's for studies at the same time? =D

titus said...

You are already more than excellent the way you are. Align yourself on THE path, don't ever compromise, and just fly away with Him.

Crystal said...

love this post!!!

three things I'VE lost:

-having a 'magic' first kiss. (the first one sucked)

-innocence. the ability to believe a guy completely when he tells me he truly loves me for who i am. i'm way too cynical for that. but i try. i try. :)

-my idealism. but in exchange i've learned to be more accepting of situations i CAN'T change. :)

then again what's life without balance? three things I've GAINED:

-learning that even when I feel alone and uncared for, I know that I can choose to care for myself and though it may not be a lot, it's always just enough to get by until I can believe again that i am truly cared for.

-learning that happiness, joy, peace, and all the other good things is all a state of mind and it's our attitude that determines how often we experience them.

-thankfulness for the many good things that HAVE come my way and compassion for those who have so much less.