- Saturday, December 19, 2009

Avatar (2009) Deserves A Post

AVATAR (2009)
Director: James Cameron
Lead Characters: Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana and Sigourney Weaver

Having heard much from friends about how awesome this movie is, I decided that I join the bandwagon of watching the movie. You know, check out how awesome it is, and why would people say what they are saying. To put it simply, I kinda have high hopes.

Oh boy, it did not let me down. Not at all!

I could rant on and jot down why I love - no, heart - the movie, but I shan't. Here's why I would have disliked the movie:
  1. The story was somewhat similar to Pocahontas. Meaning that it wouldn't have had so much impact if the brilliant effects and whatnot weren't there. Yet(!!!) less is more; simplicity is best. Even in such a simple storyline, so many themes could be found. Isn't storytelling all about getting your themes across in the easiest understood manner?
  2. The show lacked strong lines that make you go WOW. The lines were pretty... normal. If there were a few lines that made me go WOW, then it would have been even better! 
But in my opinion, these reasons cannot compare to what there is in the movie:
  • Good effects
  • Good acting (the CGI didn't do all the facial expressions, you know, at least that's what I think)
  • Good soundtrack
  • Aiyo, everything about the movie is good la! Need to name them out meh? I am just very awed!
So yes. I am kinda lazy to slowly pen down my thoughts because I am still in shock and awed at the beauty and effect that the movie has on me.  Sorry, people. I need to recover. Too much shock and release of carbon dioxide for a day. Need to retire.

But before I go. Rating? 20 out of 10. Still in shock. Maybe I should come back to re-rate it.

Sign off.


ah^kam_koko' said...

You're not in shock.
More like in syok!

Avatar is an amazing movie. No doubt!
Liked it too!

Jon Chu said...

Ya man! It's awesome right? Oh gee. I feel like going to Pandora to check out the people there, if there is Pandora, that is. =)

J_wyoming said...

musta mos na? hehe:)