- Monday, December 14, 2009

Who Owns You?

I was browsing through SoulPancake, and I ended up at this post. Thinking that it was interesting, so here's my answer to: List three people or entities that you’re loathe to admit have power and control over you.

But I'd name three people and three entities.

Person #1 - My dad
He always has a way of structuring his sentences to make me think. Seldom he shouts of rebukes (but when he does, it's damn well serious), he usually just reasons.

Person #2 - You guys guessed it, Paul Leong
His approach is different from others, but I'd still somehow take into consideration whatever he says even when I seem like I'm not listening.

Person #3 - Gerard Lui
Having known him for quite some time, and having much or less understood the way he works, thinks and acts, I can say that he's one of the persons whose words have an effect on me. That is, of course, discounting person #1 and #2.


Entity #1 - My Laptop
Fine. Those of you who (I emphasize) gossip about me being in constant desperate need of the internet connection, I'd say you are almost entirely correct. I need to be online to be informed of what is going on, to check my email so that no work slips through my fingers.

Entity #2 - My Handphones
I have to constantly be in contact with someone, especially when there is no work. I'll bleed from boredom. And yes, I enjoy sms-ing.

Entity #3 - My Debit Card and Money

I love to wing it. Bring only one card and show my card when making a payment. But I need money in my bank account! Seeing that the only thing that I'd usually splurge on for myself is food (and secondly, books), I need a mountainous amount of money to satisfy my constant hunger for good food. And not forgetting, I like blessing those I care with gifts! =)

There is my list. So what's yours?

List three people or entities that you’re loathe to admit have power and control over you.

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Jeannette said...

Person #1- my mother
Person #2- Jared
Person #3- Abel

I don't know about the entities actually...haha. Must think about that.