- Tuesday, January 05, 2010

5 People Who Ruined the Decade for Me

Person #01 - Taylor Swift
I've never liked her, though I have to admit her songs are catchy. But IMHO, I think her songs are way too childish, or rather for teens. I applaud Kanye West for doing what he did (although it could've been done more professionally like Christina Aguilera did in F.U.S.S.).

Person #02 - Yasmin Ahmad
(I hope her demise will cause Malaysians to realize that she had great talent, and we need more talents like her!)

Person #03 - Naysayers who have crossed my way
Let me be honest with you, most of the naysayers in my life are adults. Some I used to look up to but never now; some I used to regard with respect but otherwise now. I learned this the hard way: Not many can be trusted, let alone respected. Like what my friend said, "It's a dog-eat-dog world." I have, thanks to these adults, become more cynical. Sometimes I wonder is that a blessing in disguise.

Person #04 - Friend "David" whom I used to respect so much
Thanks for that huge accusation. I wonder why I never meant it when I say, "sorry". Now I know. I was never at fault.

Person #05 - Relatives
Thanks for making my beloved mommy cry; you are of course not welcomed in my life. Stop judging Christians, you are no better.


Boon Dat said...

lol at #3

One word of advice though. Even though you lose your respect and liking for someone, never set your heart and mind against that person, because if you do so, you'll be preventing that person from having a chance at change. And yes, people do change. From experience, i can tell you that i find it extremely annoying and discouraging when I know I want to change and that in someways, I have changed, but because some people(for example, the naysayers you mentioned) kept making references to my past mistakes, it made it almost impossible for me to make that change(at least in their presence), as it somehow seemed to imply that i SHOULD behave and act that way, rather than change.

Just my two cents.

Boon Dat said...

Oh and one more thing, having a good analytical and discerning mind is good, but try not to let pride get in the way, if you get my meaning. =)


Chev said...

the swift vs. west episode again. I'm surprised that u applaud what kanye west did. i mean, even if u don't really like taylor swift, that's no reason to ruin someone's moment.

it's like, say for example, u won the magazine editor-in-chief of the year. ur fans (such as myself, crystal, and so on) would be so happy for u and totally agree that u deserved the award. but then this kanyewest-wanna-be thinks ure a crappy editor, so he steals ur thunder by going up on stage in the middle of ur speech and says u didn't deserve it.

so eventhough u said that he should have done it in a better way like what christina aguilera did, i don't think saying "u applaud what he did" is right lor. perhaps, "i agree with kanye west that taylor swift did not deserve the award" is more tactful.

p/s, i'm no taylor swift fan either. i agree with u her song lyrics are.. erm.. teeny bop-ish.. not much substance, though still pretty entertaining. =b

Chev said...
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ah^kam_koko' said...

There are good adults & there are the others...
Many of them have been hurt in the past & all they can see when they look at someone who is young & as passionate as they were was the pain that they experienced.

All those adults can speak to the hand.