- Saturday, January 09, 2010

Hello Myself

Dear Control Freak,

I know how you came about, and nope, you don't scare me because I know you helped me so much. Sometimes I do wonder why we had to cross paths, but if we didn't, I won't be who I am today. However, as much as you are an asset, at times, you may be a vice too, you know?

Sometimes I hate it when you scream in my ears, beseeching me to take over when I should be letting others determine the way they want to take. I swear one day I will go deaf because recently you have been popping out so very often, and yes, you annoy me. Of all times, you choose to appear at the wrong times!

So I've been thinking what would work for both of us. Maybe... we could lay all our wants and demands of each other down, and just... you know, take a bloody chill pill. Sip some champaign... Oh! We could make a toast. Say, to peace! *LOL!* Or, we could go on an ice-cream marathon. It'd be something different. While you get to chill and stop controlling, I get to enjoy some ice-cream. And don't you start counting how much money I would be spending on those meltable, indigestible nonsense.

Let's take a break, shall we?

To chivalry, to partnership, to success. Oh, and not forgetting, to chilling out!

Jonathan Chu


Crystal said...

yay :) let's go for frozen yogurt... at least you can tell yourself it's healthy :) hehe... there's a new place in sri petaling... yogurt boy... RM2.80 for one big scoop and 70 cents for fresh toppings like strawberries and mangoes... I LOVE! :)

Jon Chu said...

YOGURT? 2.80? LET'S GO!!!!! =D