- Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I just came back after a meeting from Hailer. Thoughts about the magazine and ideas for my work and magazine were spinning about. I wondered what kind of writer would I want to be.

I wanted to write about stories. Stories that talk about how people worked hard to get where they are, how people gone through much struggles... And then it hit me.

These stories won't be enough to move my readers.

To many of us, something must be awfully disastrous or extremely painful, only then we would stop to listen, let alone understand. This is because we have seen and hear too much about pain, so much so that we can never identify with them anymore unless we have gone through ourselves. Or unless the shown images or clips are extreme enough to rouse our desensitized heart.

But why? Why have we degraded ourselves to such a point? Why can't we see that there are people out there who need help? These people aren't necessarily the victims of the recent Haiti incident! They may be the poor who only earn 500 bucks per month but have 10 stomachs to feed! They may be the family with a child with an odd disease. They are everywhere. Instead, we choose to be blind to all these.


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ah^kam_koko' said...

Yup, sometimes things that are right under our noses dont get noticed.
The Ibans in the jungle are fine with very little money because the forest provides. I'm sure it is the same with the orang asli as well.

However, when these ppl move into the urban areas, it's a whole different story altogether!
They need help. Why do ppl consider them as second class when they are fellow Malaysians?