- Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Of sleep and work

If I were to come up with a list of things to give up, sleep will never be one of them. I love it, can't stop wrapping my fingers around it, and will never let it go (unless work is concerned).

And that's the thing about me every morning. I hate waking up so early in the morning. For me, living starts in the afternoon, better still - late evening.

As much as I dislike waking up early in the morning, once I pass the stage of pushing my butt from the bed to wash up, I'll whisk into my day, my office with a smile (inner smile when I don't show it on my face) and start living each moment.

I've been working for about two weeks and I'm loving it there. Truth is, I haven't even gone through the craziness my colleagues go through every single day; but I'm ready to march on (although sometimes when I'm in much buzyness, I am tempted to ask myself why the hell I willingly put myself in such a shit).

That's why it's important to get a job I like, or one that I'm satisfied with. By saying 'satisfied', I mean the working conditions - one that I can thrive in, push for further and not be stuck or contented with what I have. I need to walk in the office empty-handed but leaving satisfied, accomplished or happy. Either way works.

I know. Two weeks is hard to tell, but I'm ready. The CNY break was a good one, and now I'm ready for more!

By the way, it's 2am now. I gotta wake up at 8.45am. Gosh. Only 6 hours of sleep! Signing off now.


ah^kam_koko' said...

You've found a purpose at work!

Jon Chu said...