- Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Voices of Youths

They tell you where you need to go
They tell you when you'll need to leave
They tell you what you need to know
They tell you who you need to be

I hate it when people tell me what I need to do. Why do people tell me this is right, and that is wrong? Why do people love dictating the kind of person I need to be? Why do people determine what is norm and what is beautiful? Why do people judge?

But everything inside you knows
There's more than what you've heard
There's so much more than empty conversations
Filled with empty words

I want to fly, I want to soar. I want to reach up, I want to great. But everything around my life seems screaming for me to go with the current, when all I desire is to go against it, to step against the strong wind and march forward. And when I do so, judgments come like a roaring thunder, hammering against my ears, beckoning me to cringe and run away in fear.

I hate it when people talk without emotions, when people expects things to be done as it ought to be. What happened to heartfelt talk? What happened to sincerity? What happened to trust?

When have we all become so cynical, so sinister, that we speak with hidden agendas, with sermons at the tip of our tongues?

And you're on fire
When He's near you
You're on fire
When He speaks
You're on fire
Burning at these mysteries

Find me one who speaks with sincerity. Find me one who speaks from the heart. Show me that life is worth it. Show me that it is worth believing in the possible good that exists somewhere out there.

Give me one more time around
Give me one more chance to see
Give me everything You are
Give me one more chance to be... (near You)

Give me this chance to  prove that life is worth it. Maybe it isn't so bad after all. Maybe with some optimism, I can make work this world a better place. Because that's what I want. And what I want should be bad, right? I want to make history, I want to be someone, I want to be great. I want to write, I want to design, I want to touch lives.

Cause everything inside me looks like
Everything I hate
You are the hope I have for change
You are the only chance I'll take

But what if I can't? What if I am not good at it? What if when I try my best, everyone laughs at me? What if... All I am is not good enough, it never seems good enough to get someone pat me on my shoulder and tell me I did well. It's never good enough to prove to my parents that I can, that I am worth it.

It's never good enough to prove to myself that I am not an accident.

When I'm on fire
When You're near me
I'm on fire
When You speak
And I'm on fire
Burning at these mysteries
These mysteries...

Tell me something I need to know. Tell me something I need to believe in. Tell me that I am worth it. Tell me that whatever I do is not bad, is good enough, is pleasant. Tell me that I am good, awesome, great. Because if you do, and do so sincerely, then you'd be the first to do so.

These dreams I hold in my heart, I dare not tell anyone. For I fear if I do speak out, they'll not be good enough to be a dream, to show people that I can, that my dreams are good dreams. I fear that someone will tell me: Those dreams are worth nothing. Just go back and study and get good grades.

I know it already! Education can get me this and that and this. But what about being accepted for who I am? What about not being secluded? What about being awesome? What about being effective? What about being love?

Don't all these count? Don't they matter?

Or are they plain garish to you?

I'm standing on the edge of me [x3]
I'm standing on the edge of everything I've never been before.
And i've been standing on the edge of me
Standing on the edge

Maybe I need to be true with myself. Or maybe people are right - that I can't.

I stand now at a crossroad. I am oblivious to what might be for me, because I am confused and tired of believing in possibilities. As much as I want to, things around me are tumbling against me. I am like trapped between two walls that are closing in. I am stuck.

Optimism is good, but reality checks are necessary. I am standing at the edge of me. I need to make a decision. Will I be told, or will I be me? Will I take in whatever others say, and let them pull me down with countless negativity, or will I choose to change and be better?

And I'm on fire
When You're near me
I'm on fire
When You speak
(Yea) I'm on fire
Burning at these mysteries... these mysteries... these mysteries
Ah you're the mystery
You're the mystery 

Tomorrow is all but mysteries. And all I can is to choose to accept that and choose to make it a good one. Yes, my voice may be small. My desires may be insignificant to many out there, who taunts me of their accomplishments and belittle me of my insignificance.

But I am like a sprout pushing against solid ground to experience light. I am like a budding flower, pushing against all odds to bloom. I am not there yet, but that doesn't mean I am not worth it, not good enough, not pleasant.

Naysayers will always be there. So it's up to me to make that change. Yes, I may fall, I may fail, but I will not be overwhelmed.

I am you. Young friend.

On Fire

Voices of Youths

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