- Sunday, July 25, 2010

Because it takes a man to be responsible

It was lunch time and our routine to be at this little humble baba nyonya shop for lunch. My awesome boss Janet Lee, my great Creative Head Chee Chiaw and I were there waiting for food, while both of them were playing Angry Birds on my iPhone.

It was then this conversation started :-

Jon : Yasmin is really fortunate to have accounts like Petronas to work on. I don't think everybody gets the chance to work on such accounts.

Janet : Yeah.

Jon : Then isn't it unfair to those who don't get the chance while Yasmin gets all this fame?

Janet shot back : That's the victim response.

And it was then it hit me hard at the face. That's the victim response.

I realized that there are many times I put myself down, thinking that I can't do this or that, or can't get this or that because I did not have the opportunity like others. And now, it's time to stop thinking like that - because everything starts with the mind.

The difference between a victim and a responsible person is this : A victim says, "Because I don't have this, because I don't have the opportunity, because I am not good enough, that's why I can't shine. That's why I can't be as successful as the other person." But the responsible person says, "Fine. I may not have this, I may not have the opportunity, I may appear to not be good enough - but that doesn't mean I can't. That doesn't mean I am beaten down or crushed. That's a better and stronger reason for me to rise, shine, and be the best at whatever I attempt to do." 

And that's when life will start changing, as it has once changed for me during and after Idea Rawkstarrs.

So now, it's imperative that I catch myself whenever I start entering into victim mode.

I want to write scripts and direct movies. I don't have people around me who can take out time to hold the camera and shoot. Fine. So what if I can't use Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premier Pro as well as some of the experts in my life? I've gotta start somewhere - and that's where I am gonna start.

I want to write and inspire me. I don't have the skills like the copywriters in my life. Fine. So what if I don't? I've gotta start somewhere, and with the little skills I have, I will start inspiring first myself and then ultimately others.

I want to reach out and touch lives. I am your typical socialite who can mix around with anybody and everybody at any random time and place. So what? That doesn't mean I can't start touching the lives of those whom I mix with. That doesn't mean I can't be honest and vulnerable to those whom I love.

I want to be a damn good idea generator and be head-hunted in the advertising industry, but the skills I have are not yet refined. I am still like a baby learning how to walk. So what if I am not the best? That doesn't mean I can't. 

There are a million thousand things I want to do, but as of this moment, I may not have the skills and ability to do so, but that shouldn't be the reason I stop and tell myself "This isn't for me because I don't have the resources". That should, instead, be the reason for me to say "This is an opportunity to shine."

Yasmin did not get famous instantly. She took time and years to get where she is. (And I found out that my boss Janet and Yasmin used to be great friends! And apparently, before Janet left the industry to train people, she and Yasmin were two out of the three women who were Creative Directors in the Malaysian advertising industry!)

"To dream is easy, but the road to achievement is not." - Jia Ming, Copywriter, 95% The Advertising Academy.


ah^kam_koko' said...

I'm starting to like your boss very much.
Can I borrow her?

Jon Chu said...

Tell me, what about her that you like? =P