- Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Lesson from History

Have you ever looked at someone, had that strong desire to open up and communicate, only to find your mind shrieking, "Don't do it, dumbass! Remember the last time..."

And the rest is like reciting the lyrics of a song you've sang since young. Say... The ABC Song.

You see, it's funny that we're created with this innate need to communicate. Every time we talk, we feel good about ourselves. And then there's this inbuilt mechanism called the "Learn From History" program which we install all our conditioning lessons, have fast access to, and refer to whenever a similar situation comes by our way.

For example, here you are, sitting alone at your sofa with a drink in your hand after a somewhat huge argument back in your college or office. The entire scene rewinds and hits play, this time with background music. You sigh.

Then comes the climax when you scream (or supposedly, 'communicating'), "Screw you!" or "I hate you!" or "Phak you" or whatever you deem aggressive, and then you cringe and tell - or some, reprimand (damn! Some of you gotta go easy on yourselves man!) - yourself, "Dang! I shouldn't have done that!"

Sounds familiar?

Well, good news is, you're human. Bad news is, that experience sucks. And that rewind thing doesn't just happen once, but twice, thrice and even four times. (How do you say four times? "Fourice"?)

So here's what you'll tell yourself : Maybe I should be yada yada yada the next time. Or, you'll start inwardly screaming at yourself, telling you that you should do such and such the next time the same situation comes up.

Now, maybe, you've learned your lesson. But not well enough, because come the third or fourth similar situation, you screw up and make the exact same mistake. And the whole cycle repeats itself.

So seriously. Are we programmed to learn from history, or are we just extremely talented in remaking them - just in a different scenario?

Think about it. *wink*

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ah^kam_koko' said...

The best part is... we're given chance after chance to learn the best way to deal with it.
But sometimes we dont learn so we repeat.
It's time for old dogs to learn new tricks.