- Saturday, July 31, 2010


Someone once said :

"... don't bother with trying to write better. Just get out there and live the best you can, and love like you've never loved before. You'll get hurt. And people will let you down. It's okay. Allow yourself to feel hurt. Allow yourself to be disappointed. Smile, laugh, cry, scream. And do it all over again.
"If you can do that, I think the writing bit will come along just fine. Don't bother second-guessing yourself. There is no right or wrong. And don't forget to take notes. You might be surprised at the things that people say."

It's easier said than done.

Live. Live. Live.

See how that word lingers whenever you say it out loud? There is this life attached to it. And somehow it seems so complex and simple at the same time.

It seems to encompass everything about life - the way you talk, run, breathe, think, act, believe... The way you hurt, cry, smile, hug, envy... And perhaps many, many people on mother earth - the way you numb yourself to the emotions of life, and hinder that part of you - your heart - from growing.

Ever since I entered college and began reading and writing more than any other phases in my life, I have begun noticing how people say one should live, how one should devote oneself to a supernatural being or maybe oneself, how one should go all out... And assuming that everything that is said and written is true, that then is truly, truly mind-blowing. Maybe to the point of "difficult to achieve".

But I suppose the main point is, regardless of how one thinks one should live, regardless of the principles each of us have, living is a matter of choice. How one behaves, thinks or feels is completely up to the person; but one should never get this wrong : Living is a possibility.

A possibility to many great (and small) things. A possibility to do great (and bad) things. A possibility to achieve greatness (and evil). A possibility to touch (and destroy) lives.

For me, living is not just a possibility; it's an opportunity to feel and to experience. And until I stop breathing, I will continue to grab hold of each opportunity and be okay with it.

So then, live.


ah^kam_koko' said...

Sometimes living is very hard.
Sometimes following your beliefs/dreams means giving up something that gives you comfort & is able to provide all that you need.

Jon Chu said...

Yeah man. But I believe if something is worth believing in, then it's worth the time and the energy and the sacrifice. Why would someone believe in something that's not worth sacrificing for, aye?