- Friday, August 27, 2010

Slipping Through My Fingers

I find myself in this familiar spot, where the ones whom I've grown close to are slowly and quietly leaving - one by one.

I realize that I have somewhat let them go from my heart. Though I still feel the little glimpse of hope that I can cling onto them as they leave, I find myself making not much effort to be with them with the short time that's left.

I suppose it's because this familiar sour taste of seeing people leave have left me somewhat numb - even the sadness come across as sour instead of bitter.

I choose to see it as their benefit. They deserve enjoying this chance to see the world. They deserve to have the chance to gain a cert from a foreign country, see snow for the first time, and experience high internet connection speed. It's a blessing from God.

But yet my heart wishes for them to stay.


I just re-read what I've typed; the words didn't even make sense! Ah, such incoherence when the heart is low.


Phoebs said...

Awww...download more movies for you k =)

ah^kam_koko' said...

We often have mixed feelings over things that are close to our hearts.

Crystal said...

I'll be coming backkkk!!!! :D In 8 months... And trust me, Malaysia will be almost always on my mind in those SHORT 8 months there. :)