- Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fantasy and Me

I've been trying to get my hands on finishing a 300-page fantasy storybook titled "Pawn of Prophecy" by David Eddings.

It's funny cuz I used to be able to finish a 800-page book in 5- 7 days, but I've been stuck with this 300-page book for 2 weeks already! It got me thinking, you know, why would such a thing happen. You see, I've always been a big fan of fantasy stories. Nothing excites me more than fantasy stories. Then I realized that I had to be in love with the characters in order to finish books at such a pace.

The reason why I could finish 800-page books in such a short time because I've grown to love the characters after struggling to read book 1- 5, after which finishing every book was a breeze. And now, I'm starting from scratch - learning about characters and falling in love with them.

That's when it hit me. When it comes to relationship and friendships, I shun away very quickly. I realize I had to slowly get to know the person at my own pace before I grow fond of the person. I can't stand it when people throw themselves at me, or when I'm put in situations where I had to quickly get to know people - I need my own space and time to grow to like the person.

Wow. That speaks SO MUCH about me.

p/s: That picture you see is my boss' cat - Wabi! It loves to sit alone and stare into the sky. =)

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