- Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Love is an Odd Thing

They say Love is a very odd thing. In order to receive, one must first give. And even in giving, one shouldn't hold back, for holding back love means receiving love that is held back. Instead, one should give selflessly, for one when does that, the universe conspires to see to it that one receives love in return. Ever so abundantly.

In the past, people have lived according to this : When one receives, only then one is able to give. But here comes a new doctrine, a paradox to what people have believed in for years until today. Maybe it's time we reconsider how this odd thing really works. Or maybe, it's time for us to stop wasting our energy figuring out how does Love work and love instead, for living would amount to nothing should love be absent.

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ah^kam_koko' said...

It's hard to give love so freely unless by that you mean kindness or friendship.