- Monday, September 27, 2010

Of Believable Stories

My friend, colleague and copywriter once wrote :

How do you write a love story between two lovers if you've never been in a relationship before? How do you create a world of fantasy and fiction if you're a cynical git who can't accept beliefs and opinions from others?

How true.

Especially since I'm in the business of storytelling, experience is a very important thing. How else are we going to tell someone who once loved and is now hurting that it's okay to experience all these? Or that it's okay to dream big when the whole world shouts that it's foolish and futile to have such fantasies? Or that it's not childish glee to run across the field and feel the wind scratching against your face, to waltz in the rain with somebody you cherish, or to chase seagulls across the beach?

Only when we experience, we are able to tell a captivating story. Because then, our stories will be believable, and only such stories touch the human heart.

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