- Friday, September 24, 2010

Pause, Don't Stop

"Pause if you must, but don't stop." - thingsweforget.blogspot.com

In the fast pace life we live in, we are constantly exposed to the idea of 'Perfection'.

Walk along the streets of KL and you'll see countless numbers of billboards and ads. Go onto the internet and chances are, you'll be stumbling upon articles with good copy and illustrations that impress you. And it doesn't just end there. Everywhere you go, you'll bound to see things that shout out 'Perfection'.

Maybe that's why we push ourselves to be perfect. We work so hard just to be closer to perfect. Although we have that mental picture of how 'Perfection' should look like, we somehow feel that no matter how much we try, we're still so far from Perfection.

So here beckons the question - why is it so important to be perfect?

Is it because we're afraid of being wrong? Or is it because we're afraid of being judged and laughed at? If it's yes, why is it so important to be right, to not be judged and laughed at?

Truth is, sometimes, it's better to be wrong than right. And we'll always be judged no matter what we do. People will always paint a picture or determine an idea of how we are through the way we act. If we're loud, people judge that we're extroverted - and possibly annoying. If we're quiet, people will judge that we're introverted and shy. Either way, we'll always be judged. So why bother?

Why try so hard to be perfect?

Instead, maybe it's better we slow down, pause and look at what's more important - ourselves. And falter not. Whatever we're doing is worth doing, else why would we even bother starting it in the first place. But aim not for perfection. Instead, aim for excellence.

For excellence is what is best at the time of action; but perfection is an idea that can never be achieved.


Lish said...

THIS. is what i needed to hear. The message of this season i am going through. It's so bad that I start to doubt my self worth and capabilities.

-Suraya Chan

Jon Chu said...

Acknowledging you have a problem is a good start, Suraya. =) Go love yourself. There's this quote that says, "When your self-worth goes up, your net worth goes up."

You can, if you believe. =)