- Friday, September 24, 2010

To Dive or To Feel

They say the easiest way to cope with anything is to dive into work and just focus on it. For when one gives oneself wholly to work, one spends lesser time thinking about what hurts, pains or misses, thus making it easier for one to cope with anything.

However, the fallback would be what we call 'numb'.

One would begin feeling numbed to everything. Goodbyes will never seem like salt rubbing against wounds. Instead, it'll be like touching one's skin after it has been exposed to ice for a long time.


I'm just back from yet another visit to KLIA to send off two people to UK. I find myself at the crossroad of choosing to dive into work (which is crazily exciting and intense right now, btw) and risk being numbed (which will not be good in this line); or to feel, which can be quite tiresome.

Regardless what my choice be, there will always be consequences. Maybe the right question is, can I live with the consequences or not.


We choose our battles, whether we like it or not. And whether we end up victorious or not will entirely be up to us - for our choice dictates our actions, and our actions dictates our future.

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