- Wednesday, September 15, 2010

To Do or To Do Lesser - Which causes more dread?

As I was driving home from office after a very productive brainstorming session with Jeff Orr, Group ECD of TBWA/Tequila, Janet Lee and our 95% grads, I was mentally going through all the tasks I had at hand to complete by today, Friday and next Monday. And then, out of the random blue, I started wishing if only I can go back to college to study. There wouldn't be any challenges there. A's would be easy to score, assignments wouldn't be much of a challenge... It'd be easier anyway. I could have some fun and chill - be like how a normal teenager would be like. But then I remembered what one of my colleague said during our team meeting this week.

He said, "Something is dreadful only when you compare it to something."

It's so true, you know. If I compare to what I need to do with what I've done, my tasks now seem so much bigger than what I had to do last time. That's why I'm filled with dread.

But what if I don't do what I need to do now? Do I do lesser? That would mean less challenging, lesser sense of accomplishment, ownership and pride... Is that what I want? Definitely no. I want to feel great, to feel like I'm on top of the world. And the way to get that feeling is to not think about studying and focus on the task at hand. Because what is important is now. Now is what that matters. Not yesterday, not tomorrow, not a year to come. But now. And until I learn how to make the best of each moment, the sense of accomplishment, satisfaction and pride that I crave so much will not be mine.

So I made a promise with myself today, that I'm going to play to win. I'm going to make things work. But I'm going to put my faith in God too.


Andrea Kong said...

Challenges are designed to help us grow each day, to be better, to be more humble, to be more grateful,to reach God's plan for our lives, that we may glorify Him and do His will.

I like the idea of staying at home and doing nothing, but I dislike it when it does happens!!! haha. So thank God for work, for tough challenges, for excitement!

Jon, destined for greatness :) You'll claim your prize one day in eternity.

ah^kam_koko' said...

We will always look back at the good ol' days when things were sweeter.
Just like how we will in the future look back at today & see something that is better.

I wish I had more friends like yours where I am working.
I feel like I am blowing my own horn tree every time I am all fired up to do something great.
I am a match burning on its own in a cold winter.

Jon Chu said...

Ya. I thank God for what He has given me. You know, when I think about how I landed on this job, I have to admit that it's kinda random. Out of the blue, I would receive an email from Janet about a job! How random is that?! I was kinda preparing for studying overseas, but when the offer came - I just had to take it. And now, although what I am working on does gimme some crazy stress, I thank God for what I have. =)

What about you? Do you thank God for SeGi? =P

I think you're placed there for a reason. You know the Bible did say that God will not put you in any situation you can't handle. I think it's kinda like God's decision... I certainly can't imagine myself going through what you're going through. So in my humble opinion, you are a superhero. Your students would soon understand that too. As well as the teachers who work with you. But most importantly, God knows. =)