- Saturday, September 25, 2010

Two School of Thoughts

In everything, there's always two school of thoughts - the Responsible and the Victim.

The Victim School of Thought blames. I can't do this because somebody forgotten something, because somebody did something, because something went wrong. And the common finale is : It's not my fault! How can you blame me?!

Whereas the Responsible School of Thought takes charge. I will make it work no matter how hard it is. Oh, there's a hiccup. How can I salvage this? What can I do? I won't blame; focus on what can be done to rectify the matter. And the underlying thought is : I will be responsible and make this work.

The thing about people at large is that the Victim School of Thought is what many, many people buy; but the few who recognize the deadliness of such a thought would very often switch and move to the Responsible School of Thought.

However, we have a third category of people who know that the Victim School of Thought is detrimental, but they do nothing because they prefer to dwell in comfort zone.

The constant for all three types of people is that, no matter what school of thought they subscribe to, the vicious cycle always happens : Something happens, they think a certain way, things turn out a certain way and that reinforces the 'rightness' of their subscribed school of thought.


ah^kam_koko' said...

I want to be successful...
so which one is more successful?

Jon Chu said...

Haha. Dude, I think you know the answer, don't you? =)
Or rather, you know the answer that would work for you. =)