- Wednesday, September 29, 2010
You know what's exciting about life?

It's knowing that there's this unknown path in front of you and yet, you still make a conscious choice to take that road. You don't know if you'll fall in love, or if you'll land on a job that's fueled with passion, or if you'll have enough money to buy your own house, or if you'll have the chance to travel the world! But that's what makes life so beautiful and exciting.

I realized that many things don't matter, and many people don't matter. Focus on only those and what that matter - because they're the ones who'll enrich my life. There's no need to compare : who has the bigger house, the prettier girlfriend, the nicer car, the better laptop... Who cares?

What I care is how can I make a difference in those around my life. How can I enrich those around me? How can I bring happiness to those who cannot repay me? How can I teach and equip the next generation? How can I bring out the greatness of each individual I cross paths with?

Because life is too short to be wasted.

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