- Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Believe and Doing are Two Different Things

Believing is not enough. Too many people claim to strongly believe in things but very few act upon it.

Here's the thing. If you believe in something so strongly but don't act on that belief, is that true belief? Or is it a nice way of saying "I think it's cool or it works but I just won't dirty my hands"?

If you believe in something, you will act upon it. If you believe in world peace, you will work towards creating peace and harmony in your life and those whom you have contact with. If you believe in love, you will love unconditionally. If you believe in investing in the next generation, you will go all out, charge forward, and do whatever it takes to give those young ones in your life a reason to smile, to believe in themselves, and to go all out and have no regrets.

So does believing in something only ends at believing? I don't think so.


AdRIaN said...

I agree!

ah^kam_koko' said...

Kinda like walking the talk.
Few do.
It takes a lot of courage & I pray every day for God to sustain me.