- Sunday, October 10, 2010

Of Intentions and Dreams

Dear you,

I love that gush of exhilaration whenever I think of the little dreams I store within my little heart. I do admit that sometimes, these dreams seem so, so far away, sometimes to the brink of impossibility.

Sometimes, when people tell me not to worry, for my dreams are possible and I can make them happen, I cringe and doubt myself. I wonder if I am truly able to make them come true. As much as my heart yearns to see them happen, I question myself.

Who am I kidding, I hear myself ask. I am just some nobody who grins childishly at some far away dream that maybe only the richest man can accomplish, I'd tell myself. I'm no superman, I'll console myself.

And slowly, as I grew up and as I repeatedly and religiously tell myself that, these dreams started slipping out of my fingers. I soon learned to look at things from a very cynical perspective. I should delve into the sea of work, earn sufficient money and worry about those childish dreams later. Money's what matters. Success matters, and that's it. Life is that simple. No big dreams, no impossible dreams. Just. Stay. Sane. And you'll be okay.

But maybe I am kidding myself when I discard my dreams as being impossible. Maybe if I believed enough in them they might actually happen. Maybe if I stopped focusing on how impossible they are, opportunities might actually be opened to me.

Maybe if I shift from focusing on the what can't, I can begin to realize how possible they are. Really, who am I kidding? No one, but myself.

It's how I choose to look at things that determine how things unravel. No one but I can decide what is and what isn't.

There has never been a rule that you can't draw out of the line. But people just assume they can't. They think that lines are there to limit us, but no. Lines are there to guide us, to bring us from point A to point B. But how we get there is another matter.

Intention is always stronger than mechanism. If I have the intention to get something right and to achieve something, I can have a thousand ways to get that done. The mechanism doesn't matter. As long as my intention is still there, what I will, will happen. But if my intention is to give up, of course whatever I desire won't happen. It's that simple.

So who's to say if my dreams are childish or impossible? Me. And only I can decide if these dreams are worth pursuing or not. And I hope you too will find that possibility to bring your dreams to life. Once you find the intention to make that happen, the universe will conspire to make it happen.


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ah^kam_koko' said...

As time goes by, I find that it will be harder & harder to achieve certain dreams.
So as time goes by, I decide to part with more & more dreams.

I hope that I do not end up as a lifeless zombie.